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THANK YOU to ALL our Partners & Sponsors!
We are truly grateful for your support!


If you are feeling called to support our Unshakeable ME camp in any way, here are some ways that would be helpful:

* T-shirts * Water Bottles * Hats * Swag Bags * Giveaways for Swag Bags * Monetary Donations *

Please email Margaret & Lea at to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Send a Girl to Camp Sponsorship Program

Every girl deserves to go to camp but not all girls can afford to go. If you would like to sponsor a girl to go to camp, please email us at

If you would like to nominate a girl to go to camp, please click on the button below.

2024 Location Partners

Haydon Community Hall

Previous Location & Program Sponsors

Send a Sister To Camp” Sponsors – Past & Present

Tracey Lee | Caroline Manzo | Jeanne Gordon | Don’s Meat Market