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Meet Our Team

Our Unshakeable ME team is dedicated to making your experience at camp a time of building memories, creating unshakeable belief in yourself, and making friendships that will last a lifetime.

Margaret Dennis

Co-Founder / Women’s Life Empowerment Coach

As a Certified Life Coach & founder of EVOLV coaching, Margaret has seen the incredible negative impact our teenage years can have on our adult years.  Having been bullied, herself, as a young teen and always feeling like she didn’t belong, it took Margaret decades of deep personal work to finally feel worthy and be comfortable being her authentic self.  Margaret doesn’t want this for your daughters!  As a mom to her own teenage daughter, she is passionate about helping teenage girls to know that they are perfect and worthy just the way they are!

Lea Moffatt

Co-Founder/ Creative Empowerment Leader

Lea finds her own path through anything using creativity!  A certified teacher, Yoga teacher and Points-of-You facilitator she finds creative solutions through  play.  With over 10 years in recreational programing  she is passionate about bringing her wide array of creative expertise and emotional empowerment to teenage girls.  For a long time Lea disconnected with her inner-child, a huge part of her core character.  Now her mission is to help our girls know their worth and never allow someone else dampen their sparkle!